Translator XP was software the sentence translator of two directions from Indonesian to English vice versa. Translator XP was programed to carry out the translation of the sentence in a manner the analysis said per words by trying to approach the rules of the actual language rule. Translator XP will check relations the kind said between close words. Because of that in every time database him, every time words were always ended with the sign (b), (k), (v), (t), (g) or (s) actual explained the kind relevant words (the noun, the adverb, the verb, the demonstrative pronoun, the pronoun or the adjective). Translator XP could distinguish 5 tenses main that often was used like Present, Present Perfect, Past, Future and Present Continous, was good for the active and passive sentence for the positive, negative and interrogative pattern. Translator XP also supported the alternative to the meaning, the checking of the idiom and the specification of the language (for example English for the computer, English for the technique, etc.) Translator XP also provided several facilities that were shaped like an education, that was allocated by us for you who wanted to study English in a deep.


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